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Martin Korokan is a HDR student at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.Doctor of Philosophy candidate Martin Korokan hails from Yaramanda Village, Ambum Local Level Government of Enga in Papua New Guinea (Oceania). Mr Korokan graduated from Peking University in Beijing, PR China with Master of Public Policy, a Bachelor of Health Management from Divine Word University and Diploma in Nursing from Pacific Adventist University in PNG. Martin has worked with the Government of PNG in the area of Coordination of Overseas Development Assistance to the country. He is the founder of Agalean One Komyuniti(A1K) Development Association Inc in PNG. He is also the founder of Bishop Herman Raich SVD Foundation Inc and Highlands Catholic Community Inc in PNG. Martin has attended several international conference in the area of development. The candidate plans to graduate with a high distinction in his Doctor of Philosophy programme and his future goal:establish a Deakin University campus in Enga, Papua New Guinea in partnership with several reputable stakeholders/partners