This thesis will explore the subject of Church and Development in Papua New Guinea with special references to provision of Health Services in Enga Province from 1947 to present. The thesis is based on my empirical work and study in Enga province and in Port Moresby at the Department of Health, National Planning & Monitoring, and at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Papua New Guinea. In addition, the study is based on my insider experience gained from twenty (20) years of unpaid volunteer community development work in Papua New Guinea, which cost me several thousands of Kina. For example, I am the executive director of Malipin Agalean Community Development Organisation (, which is engaged in community development activities at Yaramanda Village, Ambum Local Level Government and the Bishop Herman Raich svd Foundation ( As an insider, I bring a particular view to this topic, in contrast to the existing literature on church and development which is mostly written from an outsider perspective (eg Anderson, 2012, Clark, 2015, Douglas, 2007, Eves, 2008, Hassall, 2018, Haucker, 2010), and the literature on health (eg.Denoon, 1989) provision in Enga, which is sparse. No detailed or systematic study exists on the topic. This study attempts to bridge these gaps by doing a case study in the Church’s health provision in Enga and contributing to knowledge in the field of community development from an insider perspective